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2009-11-05 17:11:16 by sbboard

Diggit. Totally. Aw man. That's the stuff. Yes.

Frog Featured

2009-03-14 17:13:57 by sbboard

Yeah I don't know why it's on the front page. I'm thrilled that it is, but I could list off so many other things that should be there instead.
For all those people who flamed me after it was featured, grow up. I didn't put it there.


2009-01-15 17:18:05 by sbboard

Hey if you like my crap on Newgrounds check out all my stuff on SBboard. Come on, what have you got to lose besides your social security number?

Good Ideas

2008-02-18 23:35:07 by sbboard

Do I have good ideas? Yes.
The problem is, I don't have the power to execute my ideas. This is why I should be Mrs. America.