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Frog Featured

2009-03-14 17:13:57 by sbboard

Yeah I don't know why it's on the front page. I'm thrilled that it is, but I could list off so many other things that should be there instead.
For all those people who flamed me after it was featured, grow up. I didn't put it there.


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2009-03-14 18:08:14



2009-03-16 16:21:17

Catchy, i liked it. Made me a little moist.

sbboard responds:

Good. It's my life long goal to make every man in the world a little moist.


2009-03-16 21:23:56

Flame On! - Human Torch


2009-03-17 05:33:40

I think it's amazing, hope you don't mind him being featured in my new Madness Tribulation animation, he's sweet.

sbboard responds:

Yeah man that'd be totally sick. Just as long as you somehow give credit.


2009-03-17 22:47:10

I thought it was an excellent combination of lovely and adorable.


2009-03-18 21:14:57

i think it wuz great. cant stop watching it


2009-04-22 16:11:10

I love the frog's confident pose; you can tell he knows he's a stud muffin.